Innovative multi-camera image acquisition for THT and conformal coat inspection

MultiCam Line is a high-speed automated optical inspection (AOI) system for through-hole technology (THT) component and conformal coat inspection, based on the innovative multi camera image acquisition module MultiEyeS. Watch this short (6 min 30 sec) video to get an overview of the system specification and use cases.

3D AOI without compromises

New and innovative 3D-AOI from GOEPEL electronic

This webinar recording discusses the latest developments in the field of 3D AOI measurement of components and solder joints of printed board assemblies. The webinar demonstrates how current procedures and technologies are suitable for use in solder paste inspection, but not completely adequate for inspection of printed circuit board assemblies. In particular, the shadow effects of high components and the high density of assemblies limit the use of the well-known triangulation technology for this application.

AXI + AOI = AXOI, a formula for 100% optical inspection

This webinar recording discusses the use of a combined X-ray and AOI approach for IPC compliant inspection of solder joints on electronic assemblies. The webinar shows why X-ray inspection should be used for testing of all solder joints of an assembly, and not only for partially concealed solder joints. Furthermore, possibilities and limits of error detection will be shown by many image examples.


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Impact of various illumination concepts on fault detection in optical inspection systems

Impact of various illumination concepts on fault detection in optical inspection systems

In the past, automated optical inspection systems (AOI) focused on increasing inspection speed along with the number of cameras and megapixels.  For a successful AOI process, however, false call rate and safe fault detection is as important as the overall inspection speed. Highly sophisticated optical inspection systems are equipped with various illumination modules. Fault detection and false calls reduction depends on the right selection of light-frequency, -angle and -intensity, not just  cameras and algorithms used.

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GOEPEL Electronics THT Line Video Demonstration

The following video demonstrates the image acquisition in a GOEPEL Opticon THT Line automated inspection system:

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